Loop calibrator
0 - 28V, 0 - 24mA | Fluke 705 FLUKE


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Fluke 705 loop calibrator has been designed to calibrate, repair and maintain current loops. The economical and integrated solution with mA sourcing, simulation and measurement has an accuracy of 0.02% and a resolution of 0.001 mA.

The 705 simultaneously displays both mA and % of span . It provides an option to select outputs, either slow ramp, fast ramp or step. It has a 24 V Loop supply with mA measure, including 250Ω HART. It has a single, easily replaceable 9V battery, and features 0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA default start up modes.

The 705 is the quickest single-handed tool for carrying out loop checks. It is also very easy to operate thanks to the "Quick Click" detented knob. The device features a large display.


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