electrical network analyzer / power / voltage / harmonic
Fluke Norma 4000/5000 FLUKE



  • Measured entity:

    for electrical networks

  • Measured value:

    power, voltage, harmonic

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, rugged, FFT


The Norma 4000/5000 by Fluke is a high-precision power analyzer for various applications in the industry. The item is a really powerful device, providing highly accurate measurements for both development and testing of various power electronics.

In addition to this, the design is a really compact one, while the manufacturer has included the most advanced technologies for measurement, in order to provide useful assistance to engineers when it comes to the testing and development of inverters, lighting solutions, as well as power supplies, motors and various automotive components.

The technology is based on a patented, high-bandwidth architecture, and delivers high-precision measurements of three-phase or single-phase current and voltage, along with calculations of power and other values.