Temperature calibrator
–25 To 660 °C | 9140 Series FLUKE


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Size does not determine power. Designed for high performance in an industrial environment the new Fluke 914X Series Field Metrology Wells (9142, 9143, and 9144) optimize speed, portability and functionality while ensuring metrology performance. This product line is equipped with new features with guaranteed user-friendliness. They reach temperature set points quickly, and while compact and lightweight, they are designed for stable, accurate and uniform performance. These temperature loop calibrators are industrial-grade, able to handle simple thermocouple sensor checks or even transmitter loop and comparison calibrations. The "Process" feature reduces the need of additional equipment. This is an optional two channel readout built in to the device, able to measure a-20 mA current, resistance and voltage with a 24-volt loop power. The Metrology Wells also feature on-board documentation and automation. All three models (all with "Process") can handle temperature readings from –25 °C up to 660 °C.


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