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    adhesive foam


Foam technology

Macro Foam is a range of melters for generating foaming adhesives using a 50-50 mixture of
adhesive and gas.

Meler’s systems with foam technology allow:

Longer open times: foaming adhesive has longer open time, allowing the use of a larger number of adhesives.
Volume increase: after application, the adhesive increases its volume, improving its capacity for incrustation in the holes and pores of the substrate.

Greater penetration capacity: stronger bonds are created with foaming adhesives.

Foam technology

Reduced adhesive consumption: up to 65% depending on the adhesive used

Reduced adjustment time: assembly line speed and production rates are increased
Vertical application: greater consistency on vertical surfaces

Improved performance and saving
Foam technology achieves a greater application volume and a reduction in adhesive weight and consumption of up to 65%, improving performance and reducing costs