hot melt glue melter / with gear pump
macro series Focke Meler Gluing Solutions, S.A



  • Type:

    hot melt glue

  • Other characteristics:

    with gear pump


Meler presents macro system series tank-gear pumps. These units have high melt capacity and are available with a range of pump capacities. The gear pump facilitates an equal and accurate application of glue as the gear speed controls glue quantity.

This latest development integrates the electronic ‘meler’ control. This control provides an easy-to-use handling and very efficient and smart motor control. All parts of the units can be easily accessed. Also all internal parts of the system such as motor, controls, etc. can be accessed quickly. This is possible via detachable protection panels or an electronic cabinet fixed on a sliding rail.

Based on installation requirements, it is possible to install the hose connections at the back or on any one side of the system. The system also allows installation of two hoses each pump and manifold with a maximum limit of four pumps for every unit.