dispensing gun / hot-melt adhesive / automatic / pneumatic
NC series Focke Meler Gluing Solutions, S.A


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    hot-melt adhesive

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NC gun series together with the constituent ND modules have been designed taking into consideration our customers’ demand for compact bead guns. They drastically save space, fit easily into available production lines, and provide good accessibility for regular maintenance. NC guns come in a variety of sizes and gun modules to suit all requirements in terms of bead size and numbers. For accurate heating and temperature control, NC series is equipped with high thermal-transmission large cartridge resistors and Ni120 or Pt100 RTD sensor, respectively. The RTD sensor is connected to an electronic controller unit using inbuilt wiring along the heated hose.
Two pneumatic control versions are available in the NC series – Air Opening and Air Closing (AOAC) and Air Opening and Spring Closing (AOSC).