straight jet nozzle / glue / application
S-beam series Focke Meler Gluing Solutions, S.A



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    straight jet

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The new S-beam nozzle series (‘straight beam’) is created to provide an unobstructed straight jet with a consistent output pressure, the result of high-quality nozzle finishing. An application repeatable process is assured for both the flow rate and position. A perpendicular angle of the jet direction is ensured in the horizontal output with nozzles of all shapes, either right angle, straight, rotary or fixed nozzles.

Compliance to all quality control standards in adhered to in the manufacturing process. A standard quality test prior to packaging ensures guaranteed repeatability in the diameter and length of output hole, for adhesive application. This makes it easy to replace with similar nozzles without the performance being affected, for applications where the parameters remain the same.

Meler offers the new S-beam nozzles in different diameters. The new series is a perfect combination for the flow regulation systems in gear pump units for speed and piston pump units.