oxygen analyzer / carbon monoxide / process gas / sulfur dioxide
LGA-4100 Focused Photonics Inc.



  • Measured entity:

    oxygen, carbon monoxide, process gas, sulfur dioxide, stack gas, ammonia

  • Measured value:

    concentration, temperature

  • Configuration:

    for integration, in situ

  • Other characteristics:

    online, explosion-proof, process, laser, TDL, laser diode


Features and Benefits:
■In-situ, no gas sampling
■No cross interference
■Fast response less than one second
■Diverse optical length (0.5~20m)
■Reliable in all harsh conditions: high temperature
& pressure, dust density, moisture and corrosion
■Online calibration, no zero drift
■Thousands of tailor-made solutions for various
■International ATEX certified
Application Area:
■Refinery & Petrochemical
FCC Catalyst Regeneration
SCR NH3 Injection
Desulfurization Efficiency
Explosive Process Gas
Reactant Ratio Optimization
Product Purity
HCL, HF Emission
Flue Gas Measurement Outlet of
Process Heaters, Fractionators,
Thermal Crackers, Utility Boilers
and Incinerators
Sulfur Recovery
Combustion Control for Reheating
Furnace, Heat Treatment Furnace,
Forging Furnace
Converter Gas Recycle
Blast Furnace Gas
Coke Oven Gas
Flue Gas of Sintering, Pelletizing
Coal Injection Safety Control
Electric Tar Precipitator (ETP) Safety
CDQ Circulating Gas
Gas Tank Safety Control
Calorific Value Analysis
Sulfur Recovery
■Thermal Power
SCR NH3 Injection
Desulfurization Efficiency
Coal Injection Safety Control
HCL, HF Emission