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COD-2000 Series COD Online Analyzer

With the years of experiences on process analysis and environmental monitoring instrument development, the Focused Photonics Inc has developed the COD-2000 series chemical oxygen demand online analyzer, which is a new generation in the world. The instrument is designed for automatic COD monitoring on several types of water matrix, such as industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, industrial process water, etc. Such analyzer adopts advanced sequential injection platform, combining with national standard detection method, which ensures reliable and accurate results. With high level of robustness in the electronics, mechanics and hydraulics components. The analyzer provides multiple standard interfaces, which are easy to combine other available instruments, such as flowmeter, pH meter, etc, therefore remote monitoring can be achieved.

The analyzer can be equipped selectively with corresponding pretreatment system for thoroughly meeting the demands of various working conditions and various customers.

Product Features

■ Automatic calibration, automatic zero adjustment and automatic cleaning;

■ High reliability, low maintenance;

■ Accurate measurement, wide applicable scope;

■ Safe operation, efficient analysis.

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