heavy metal monitoring system / air quality / environmental / XRF
AMMS-100 Focused Photonics Inc.



  • Applications:

    for heavy metals, air quality, environmental

  • Other characteristics:



AMMS-100 adopts X-Ray fluorescence technology recommended by US EPA to analyze the deposited metal on filter tape to monitor ambient air.

Below picture shows the basic schematic of AMMS-100. The constant flow PM selective inlet, electromagnetic valve, MFC module and sampling pump are applied to control the sampling air volume precisely. The reel to reel filter tape is able to deposit and enrich the atmospheric metal elements. The XRF module is employed to analyze the hazardous metal deposit on filter tape and calculate atmospheric heavy metal concentrations rapidly and nondestructively.

●Detection limit as low as 10 pg/m3

●Continuous and nondestructive analysis, near-real-time report

●Paper conserve (PC) mode, programmable sampling and analysis time

●Filter tape replacement cycle as long as 12 months

●X-ray tube life as long as 5 years

●Measure as many as 28 or more elements

●Meteorological monitoring system, capable of analyzing the pollution source based on wind speed and direction

●System modularized, able to build synthetic ambient air-quality monitoring system together with air-quality station, and monitoring vehicles.