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AQMS-3000 Focused Photonics Inc.



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    real-time, smart


As the implementing of CAAQMS in the past few decades, most EPAs across the world have realized the importance of real-time ambient quality monitoring.

However, conventional CAAQMS does not cover everywhere in the city and not representing average air quality due to the high cost.

FPI have developed latest AQMS-3000 micro air quality monitoring system which provides solution to realtime regional AQI monitoring. AQMS-3000 will formulate a tight monitoring network enables pre-alert and important environmental decision making.

Benefits & Features


Customization on parameters according to customer requirement.

Simultaneous monitoring on PM10 and PM2.5.


PreCalTM (Pre-calibration), FieldCalTM (Synchronize calibration) and OnTheFlyTM (Portable calibration) with internal temperature and pressure compensation to perform highest data validity.

Smart mode switch for solar panel ensures one month continuous performing without sunshine.

Maintenance Free

No consumables, long maintenance interval.

Independent PM module to gaseous module, which makes maintenance easier.