Slid linear guide / dovetail
SO, SE, SM, SK, SS series Föhrenbach GmbH, Positionier-Systeme


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Föhrenbach precision slide guides are available in two series with identical dimensions as dovetail slides or as roller bearing slides. We produce them in series in standard widths of 30 to 400 mm and lengths of 35 to 1,800 mm. Due to this modular system, an optimum version regarding technology and price can be supplied for virtually every problem.

We manufacture dovetail slides in the materials grey cast iron (standard slide) and aluminium, but makes of other materials are possible, too. The clearance is adjusted using a guide rail. All dovetail slides are equipped with lubrication nipples and lubrication grooves. All outside surfaces are ground and the guides milled fine.

Dovetail slides and roller bearing slides can be mounted to cross slides. They are on duty in different fields, such as in the machine, jigs and fixtures construction as well as in the measuring and control engineering business.


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