Crossed roller linear guide / compact
SVAN series Föhrenbach GmbH, Positionier-Systeme


  • Technology:

    crossed roller

  • Other characteristics:



The SVAN series is a dovetail linear guide developed by Föhrenbach. It is built with aluminium and natural anodized construction. The unit comes with compact design, high damping, guides, high load rating, mounting kit, and scale with knurled micrometer knob.

It is also supplied with locking without horizontal and vertical side misalignment, adjustment with knurled micrometer knob or hex screwdriver, and can be combine easily and quickly to 2 axis systems and/or 3 axis systems.

In addition, this system can be used for adjustment of inkjet printers, 3D measurements, and focusing of burn strainers. It can also be utilized for the adjustment of soldering heads, plasma heads, and welding heads.


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