Motorized slide table / precision
PFL, PCL, PKL series Föhrenbach GmbH, Positionier-Systeme


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As internal development by Föhrenbach, the integrated linear motors are precisely adapted to the respective requirements and provide consistently high speeds and acceleration values.

The new motorized precision slides PFL, PCL and PKL of Föhrenbach operate even more precisely and faster. In this connection, PFL stands for a slide with conventional bellows, PCL means sheet metal cover, and PKL stands for special protection against cooling media as they are used in grinding machines in the form of water, grinding oil or emulsion.

precision slide PFL: size (mm) 180 / 230 / 320
precision slide PCL: size (mm) 220 / 270 / 360
precision slide PKL: size (mm) 180 / 230 / 320


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