Horizontal rotary table / for machine tools / direct-drive
RT3, RT4 Föhrenbach GmbH, Positionier-Systeme


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    for machine tools

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Directly driven rotary tables with iron-afflicted electronically commutated 3-phase synchronous motor with permanently magnetically excited secondary part ensure highest accuracy, high rigidity and an optimal speed-ability.

The rotary tables with direct drive are available in different types:
RT3A 100x100, RT3A 100x115, RT3A80x130, RT3A150x100, RT3A 150x130, RT3A150x145, RT3A 250x170, RT3A 150x60, RT3A 200x60, RT3G 150x100 und RT3G 630x225

The rotary table RT4A 400 is an exceptionally flat rotary table with air bearings. The rotary table housing and the rotary plate are made of aluminium. The integrated direct drive and its low overall height assure the realization of applications that cannot be performed with conventional worm drives. The drive principle also offers high accelerations and short cycle times.


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