surface measuring system / non-contact
KOERZIMAT 1.097 MS Foerster Instruments


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  • Other characteristics:



PC-supported complete measurement systems in compact housings
Geometry-independent measurement of the weight-specific saturation magnetisation σs (4π Sigma)
If the test piece volume is stated, also the associated saturation induction B(s)
Determination of weight, density, volume
Determination of the magnetic moment
Determination of the magnetisable material proportion of a sample in %
Single and series measurements
Calibration of the measurement system
Large homogenous magnetic field range with:
Ø=32 mm, h=21 mm in the sample space with 41x57x23 mm3 of the KOERZIMAT MS 31x69
Ø=26 mm, h=16 mm in the sample space with 30x40x18 mm3 of the KOERZIMAT MS 26x60
Very strong magnetic constant field up to 1.15 T (11,500Oe)
Measurement of large test piece weights up to 200 g
Pneumatic or manual feeding of the test pieces into the saturation magnet
Withdrawal method according to IEC 60404-14
Generation of MS-reports with order-related customer data