Permeability meter / cutting edge / portable
MAGNETOSCOP 1.069 Foerster Instruments


  • Measured value:


  • Applications:

    cutting edge

  • Other characteristics:



Easy to handle measuring instrument for the measurement of material permeability in the range of µr = 1.00001 to 2.000
Position-independent measurement and non-sensitive to vibration
Results for permeability measurements can be traced back to national standards
Comparison methods for checking the permeability of a workpiece - only for internal company procedures
Configurable limit value thresholds
RS232 interface for data transmission and remote control
Data storage on Flash Card
Optical and/or visual alarm signals
Peak value detection / storage
Standards: VG 95 578, ASTM A 342, ASTM E 617 - 97, OIML R 111-1, API 7


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