Dovetail linear guide
SVAN series Föhrenbach GmbH, Positionier-Systeme

Guiding system SVAN - features:

- Dovetail Slides made of Aluminium, natural anodized
- 5 sizes: 20, 30, 50, 80, 120 mm with standard stroke between 5 and 100 mm
- Locking without horizontal and vertical side misalignment
- Compact sizes
- Adjustment with knurled micrometer knob (standard) or hex screwdriver
- High load ratings
- Guides without play
- High damping
- Scale with knurled micrometer knob
- Mounting kit (Clamps)
- Easy and quick to combine to 2 axis systems and/or 3 axis systems

Guiding system SVAN - examples of use:

- Adjustment of: Measuring cameras, Reflectors, Microscopes, Laser for precision machining (i.e. micro borehole), Machining units
- Adjustment of inkjet printers
- 3D measurements
- Focusing of burn strainers
- Adjustment of soldering heads, plasma heads, welding heads


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