flat-film extrusion line / panel / coating / for thermoplastics
FK/TLAFM-100/100-1400 Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.



  • Type:

    flat-film, panel, coating

  • Treated material:

    for thermoplastics, for BOPP

  • Applications:

    for aluminum-foiled pipe


PE/PP Tandem Type Extrusion Lamination Machine
Flexible packaging films
-Alum.Foil/Poly Film/Paper
ResinLDPE or PP or EVA or EAA or SURLYN

PET / LDPE /AL-FOIL / PET Metalizing film/ LDPE
Substrates for main unwinder
Material size800mm dia. x 1250mm width
Substrates for sandwich unwinder
Material size600mm dia. x 1250mm width
Lamination thickness0.010mm - 0.04mm
Lamination line speed250m/min. Machanical speed
Unwinder2 drums turret system with EPC
Auto splicing,auto cut, fully automatic control system
Tension range5 - 30 Kg-f
Infeed unitTwo roller press type
Primer coating and dryer unit, vertical type, 3.6 meter
Extruder2 sets, 100mm dia. screw, L/D=32:1
Main drive100HP AC motor with vector inverter control
Extrusion capacityLDPE : 320 - 340 kg/hr
Extrusion T-die2 sets, Jyohoku T-die, ex Japan
Tension range5 - 30 Kg-f
2nd Lamination unit3 roller type
Lamination unit3 roller type
Out-feed unit1 set
Winder2 drums turret system with contact roller
auto splicing, auto cutting system
Tension range5 - 30 Kg-f
Electric control panel