flat belt / rubber / for conveyors / aramid
Rollenbahnantriebsriemen Forbo Siegling GmbH



  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Application:

    for conveyors

  • Other characteristics:

    aramid, friction


Siegling Extremultus live roller belts are energy-saving, durable components of driven live rollers. The quality and performance of the belts determine how quickly and reliably items our customers’ items are distributed. The belt’s tension member plays a key role in this process. Today’s standard is polyester fabric (E). But polyamide sheet (P) or aramide fabric (A) are also used. The tension member is embedded in a thermoplastic intermediate layer.

Rubber elastomer or urethane coat the two friction layers, which are the top face of the belt (towards the roller) and the underside of the belt (towards the drive and in some cases to the idler roller). The combination of tension member and coating lends the belt its special characteristics – tailored to conveyor type and purpose.

The splice requires no extra adhesives (in the Aramid and Polyester line) and can be made quickly, easily and cleanly on site.