Electromagnetic brake / multi-disc / spring
6 - 1 250 lb.ft | MSB series FORCE CONTROL


  • Type:

    electromagnetic, multi-disc

  • Operation:



The MSB series from Force Control, is an electromagnetic spring-applied multi-disc brake, with a torque range from 6 lb.ft to 1 250 lb.ft. The MagnaShear™ brake is designed for difficult stopping and holding applications.

Features of the MSB include quick mounting and installation, clamped-split-quill shaft connection and an enclosure that is water and dust proof. The mounting and installation method is made easy through sliding on, and tightening 6 bolts. It also employs multiple disc oil shear technology, which provides smooth and dynamic braking, as well as ensures high thermal capability. Plus, it does not require any calibration.

To meet certain demands of highly critical applications, the MSB series can be provided with several options for increased efficiency and robustness.


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