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VW Forel Spa



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FOREL’ s vertical washing machine VW is able to respond to all the requirements of an ever-diverse market. The requirement to work with all types of glass panes, sophisticated coatings as well as post grinding and arrissing makes this platform incredibly versatile. The solid structure features an innovative concept that reflects Forel’s uncompromising philosophy for quality. The design guarantees extreme accuracy during the wash process and enables the management for high capacity in terms of weight per linear metre.
It is equipped with an automatic thickness measuring device which is located at the in-feed point, the device enables the position of brushes and blowers to be adjusted automatically relative to glass thickness. The scrub brushes are independent and are automatically managed according to glass type and coating. The same device is also equipped with a low emissivity detector for soft coated glass (front and rear). The washing process is composed of: pre-washing phase (with special rinse jet nozzles that eliminate most of the surface debris), washing phase (with the combine action of special wash jet nozzles with 6 brushes or 8 as an option), rinsing phase (this zone can be equipped with a FOREL reverse osmosis unit).