solvent distillation plant

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solvent distillation plant solvent distillation plant


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Fractional columns separate MORE liquid substances mixed each other.
The Formeco columns allow a binary distillation where the components of the starting mixture are separated according to their boiling temperature.
In the upper part of the distillation column there will be a higher concentration of low boiling liquids, while in the lower part there will be a higher concentration of low boiling substances, less volatile.
The sector in which Formeco has been working for more than thirty years are industrial thinners rectification and production of White Spirit in particular.

Evaporation chamber heat by thermal oil, hot water or steam.
Column with high efficiency packaging material and anti-splash set.
Head condenser for forced column reflux and vapor washing – liquid in counter current
Operating Pressure: Atmospheric or vacuum
Continuous operation: 24 hours a day

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