flow calibrator / leak / portable / digital
M2710 ForTest



  • Measured physical value:

    flow, leak

  • Options:

    portable, digital, precision, compact, standard


M2710 is the new digital portable calibrator of ForTest® M series. Enclosed in a container of anodized aluminium with shatterproof plexiglass front, we find a completely new circuit board and a mass flow meter sensor, for direct measurement of leaks. Coupled to the micrometer nozzle supplied, they are designed to simulate the desired leakage, facilitating the procedure for programming and verification of leak test instruments.

M2710 Standard version has got a lithium ion battery rechargeable that gives it an incredible autonomy and a USB port for PC connection in order to download and manage the taken measures.

M2710 uses a mass flow sensor and can detect flow rates up to 200 cc/min with precision and reliability. This portable instrument, of compact dimensions and simple use is essential to check the calibration and the repeatability of measure instruments and of nozzle sample..

Applications Fields
- Calibration control for FORTEST®© leak test and flow test
- Calibration control for others leak test and flow test
- Leak test control of masking system Detection of leakage entity Nozzle control Direct control of correspondence to rules

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