air blower / impeller / dual-stage / three-phase
TD series FPZ SpA



  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Number of stages:


  • Other characteristics:

    three-phase, aluminum, direct-drive

  • Flow rate:

    Max.: 1,216 m³/h (42,943 ft³/h)

    Min.: 0 m³/h (0 ft³/h)

  • Operating pressure:

    Max.: 65,000 Pa (9.427 psi)

    Min.: 0 Pa (0 psi)

  • Nominal power:

    Max.: 25.5 kW (34.67 hp)

    Min.: 0 kW (0 hp)


The TD Series of regenerative blowers is specifically created after the EU specifications. These blowers are enclosed in an aluminium housing construction and are integrated with two alike double stage impellers. With its capacity reaching up to 1112 m³/hr / 1341 m³/hr and a maximum differential pressure rate of 600 mbar, the entire range of blowers can be used in various pressure applications.

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