fume hood regulator
FCCP, FCIU Fr. Sauter AG

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fume hood regulator fume hood regulator - FCCP, FCIU


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    fume hood


How energy efficiency is improved
Display and interface for safe, energy-efficient monitoring of fume cupboards, pressure zones and other ambient conditions with an attractive design and state-of-the-art technology

Measured value display and indication of operating statuses for a range of ambient conditions such as pressure, temperature, relative humidity etc. in combination with an EY-RU 504/505 room automation station or an ASV 2*5 VAV compact controller
Monitoring fume cupboards as per EN 14175-2 to check that they are functioning correctly and that the ventilation is operated to provide maximum safety for the laboratory staff
Indication when the front sash is open > 500 mm
Switching the fume cupboard lighting on and off
Up to two function indicators for double-sided fume cupboards
Indication of day/night change-over
Audible alarm can be delayed or muted via configuration
Demand-controlled regulation of fume cupboards as per EN 14175-6 in combination with the ASV 2*5 VAV compact controller
Function indicator with visual and audible notification as per EN 14175-2
Storage of all defined parameters with protection from power failure
Interface for easy configuration of the connected VAV ASV 2*5
Five freely configurable push-buttons
Chemical-resistance glass surface
Units that can be displayed: m/s, fps, l/s, m3/h, cfm, Pa, °C, °F, %rh, ppm