Gate valve / electrically-actuated / brass / EPDM
M3R, M4R Fr. Sauter AG


  • Type:


  • Operation:


  • Body:

    brass, EPDM

  • Other characteristics:

    3-way, 4-way

  • Temperature:

    Min.: 2 °C (35.6 °F)

    Max.: 110 °C (230 °F)

  • Pressure:

    10 bar (145.04 psi)

  • DN:

    Min.: 15 mm

    Max.: 50 mm

  • Flow rate:

    Min.: 3 m³/h (105.94 ft³/h)

    Max.: 40 m³/h (1412.59 ft³/h)


How energy efficiency is improved
Supply from both sides and the linear characteristic enable energy-efficient working

M3R: 3-way valves with nominal diameters DN 15...50
M4R: 4-way valves with nominal diameters DN 20...50
Used in combination with the ADM 322 and ASM 105, 115, 124 motorised actuators
Manual adjustment by means of lever and end stops
Brass body and gate
ABS lever
Double O-ring of EPDM ensures the tightness of the seal at the spindle


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