overhead beam filter press / plate and frame / membrane / automatic



  • Type:

    plate and frame, membrane, overhead beam

  • Operating mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    for sludge treatment


The overhead beams filter press has been designed and manufactured by Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A.to fulfill the requirements of Companies which need very fast machines with high productivity.
The main features of these filterpresses are listed below.

filter press completely open both on top and on the side to facilitate maintenance operations, changing clothes and replacing plates
Flexible and module-type construction, with the possibility to have from 80 to 190 plates
robot installed on top of the filter press, for opening/closing the plates, shaking the plates and automatic washing of clothes
Drip tray for collection of dripping water, equipped with walking grid for maintenanca operations in safety conditions
System for anchoring the plates at the sides to guarantee freedom of movement and maximum precision
(core blow) automatic system for cleaning the central plate collector at the cycle end
(cake blow and cake wash) automatic system to blow air and/or water through the mud cake
Recessed chamber or membrane plates
Slurry feeding pumps can be centrifugal, diaphragm or single screw
Tele-assistance system through SIM card or internet

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