monobloc tap / for machine tools / carbide / for titanium
Fratelli Vergnano S.r.l.



  • Type:

    monobloc, for machine tools

  • Material:


  • Materials to be tapped:

    for titanium


Carbide can be considered a metallic composite material consisting of a mixture of hard carbide particles, mainly tungsten carbide
(WC), in a metallic matrix of cobalt (Co). Other commonly used carbides are titanium carbide (TiC), niobiom carbide (NbC) and tantalum carbide (TaC).
The carbides, which confer hardness and compressive strength to the structure, are responsible for the wear resistance of the tool.
The binding element cobalt confers toughness.
The size of the carbide particles is also important since it balances the hardness and the toughness. In general, the mechanical properties of carbides depend on composition (type and concentration of carbides), percentage of binding material, size of carbides and fabrication process.