thermocouple vacuum gauge / analog / portable
B2A-1 The Fredericks Company



  • Technology:


  • Display:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Vacuum range:

    Min.: 0.001 mbar (0.000014504 psi)

    Max.: 26.6645 mbar (0.386735876 psi)


The B2A Portable Vacuum Gauge is a compactly made tool that can be used in various field operations. It is capable of working up to 40 hours of application between charges. An enclosure equipped with a 5 ft sensor cable is incorporated. The vacuum gauge can be controlled through its front panel calibration adjustment. It is integrated with a rechargeable standard 110VOH power cord. Versatility and accuracy is guaranteed throughout its utilization. The B2A also comes with a low-battery indicator light. It can be employed through applying the sensor after lifting the flap of its case.

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