Aseptic V-FFS bagging machine for liquids
max. 20 - 90 p/min | FSU-1000 Fres-co System USA, Inc.

Model FSU-1000

20 pouches/minute for 6 liters (1 1/2 gal.) up to 90 pouches/minute for 250 cc (8 oz.); output varies with pouch
size and product filling characteristics
Operation mode:
Fully Automatic Vertical FFS with Low Acid Aseptic FDA
validated operation
Filler Options:
Time/Pressure/Orifice Filler, Positive Displacement Piston
Filler, Rotary Pump Filler, Magnetic Metering Filler, Mass Flow
Metering Filler
Sterile Module:
Complete SIP and CIP controls with HEPA filters and hydrogen
peroxide distribution
Inert Gas Fill Atmosphere:
Inert gas blanketing in product fill area
NEMA 4x washdown panels with Allen Bradley PLC
controls standard
All FDA approved materials, including 300
series stainless steel
Full documentation, installation assistance, operator training, and FDA validation assistance
Products to be filled:
Aseptic processed liquid food, beverages, and
Product Viscosity:
Multi-viscosity liquids with or without particulate
Product Temperature during filling:
35 to 195 degrees F (1 to 90 degrees C)
Product PH:
Both low acid (PH>4.6) and high acid products
Package Style:
3-side sealed pouch
Package Capacity Range:
50 ml (1 .75 oz.) to 6 liters (1 1/2 gal.)
Package Size:
Minimum 6" (152mm) width x 5" (127 mm) length.
Maximum 14" (356 mm) width x 16" (406 mm) length.
Packaging Film:
Multi ply high-barrier laminate


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