Automatic sachet filler and sealer for liquids
8 - 80 p/min | G90 GS, GL-90V Fres-co System USA, Inc.

Model G90 GS

Allen Bradley PLC touch screen, modem communication
Simple servo motor and pneumatic movements
One servo motor and one photocell control movements of pouches
Little operator experience necessary to produce high-quality, reliable packages
90% of pouch is pre-sealed by Fres-co, tested and guaranteed to be leak proof
Machine only needs to seal part of one side of pouch after filling process
Multiple fills per movement provide long filling and sealing dwell times
Pouch Sizes: from 4.25"x 6" to 15.4"x 23.5"
Gussets: up to 10"
Product Net Weights: from 3 oz. to 13.2 lbs. (with proper doser/filler)
Product Liquid Volumes: from 3 oz. to 1.5 gal.
Pouch Types: flat or stand-up pouches
Pouch Shapes: free formed to any shape for functional performance
Pouch Materials: thick (5) ply or thin (2) ply high barrier foil or all plastic materials
Standard Multi-fill Stations handles multiple solid and liquid fillers sequentially
Machine Movement Linear, sequential movement with right or left 90 degree discharge
Quick Size Changeover: average 15 minutes


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