Liquid ring vacuum pump / single-stage / lubricated
DN 32 - 100, 700 m³/h | FGP FRIATEC


  • Technology:

    liquid ring

  • Number of stages:


  • Lubrication:



Material Ceramic
Design Liquid Ring Pumps
Size DN 32 - DN 100
Delivery rate Qmax. = 700 m3/h
Temperature up to 100 °C
Corrosive and abrasive gases and vapours in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Design features

Single stage, valveless liquid ring pump with closed liquid ring circuit, so no effluent damage.
cantilever mounted impeller
Generously dimensioned shaft and bearings with oil lubricated anti-friction bearings
Impeller gaps adjustable
Operation of the pump with a closed liquid ring circuit requires a separator tank with integral cooling coil. The components of the gas pump installation, comprising pump, separator and cooler, are completely piped up

Vakuum operation
without gas ejector up to 100 mbara, with gas ejector up to 35 mbara

Compressor operation
up to 2 barg


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