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LABORETTE 17 size II | Ultrasonic Cleaners Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing



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For gentle cleaning of analysis sieves, micro-precision sieves and other sensitive parts without damaging them. Also for dispersing of suspensions for particle size analysis.
Fill volume: 28 litres

Areas of application
For especially gentle and damage-free cleaning of even extremely sensitive parts such as glassware, sieves or valuable micro-precision sieves.
The LABORETTE 17 is also suitable for external dispersion of suspensions for particle size analysis, and for the acceleration and improvement of process sequence of chemical reactions such as the extraction of plant substances. Two further additional functions are the degassing of liquids and the emulsifying of oily and aqueous phases.

Method of operation
The ceramic oscillator generates high-energy vibrations at the base of the bath, creating a cavitation effect throughout the bath liquid. The change in pressure caused by the cavitation dissolves stubborn soiling even at the most inaccessible points.