Particle analyzer / for particle size analysis / form / particle size distribution
ANALYSETTE 28 Imagesizer Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing


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    for particle size analysis, form, particle size distribution, particle, particle shape

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  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, multi-parameter, modular, high-performance, precision, cost-effective, control, laboratory, for quality control, optical


The FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer for dry and wet measurement is the ideal Particle Sizer for all applications that require accurate and reproducible measuring results for both particle shape and size. The optical process of Dynamic Image Analysis provides results for a wide measuring range, delivers multiple shape parameters and evaluation possibilities for particle size. The measuring time depending on the sample quantity, is under 5 minutes. And the result is available immediately.
Your advantage: Great flexibility for different measurement tasks for particle sizes of 20 µm – 20 mm in quality control, research and laboratory – and is a very easy and cost-effective alternative to sieving.

Easy wet measurement of suspensions and emulsions
The ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is in combination with the corresponding wet dispersion unit ideal for measurement of particle shape and size of suspensions and emulsions.
Wet dispersion is particularly suitable for fine particles, poorly flowing, fine-agglomerating or sticky materials, which do not react in water or other liquids.

Efficient dry measurement of powders and bulk solids
The ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is the ideal Particle Sizer for fast analysis of particle shape and size of dry, free-flowing materials. Via the optical analysis of the particle shape and particle size, you can identify damaged particles, contaminates, agglomerates or oversized and undersized particles accurately and fast and view them completely uncomplicated in single images.


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