wet sieving sieve shaker / laboratory / control / electromagnetic
0.02 - 63 mm | ANALYSETTE 3 SPARTAN Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing


  • Type:

    for wet sieving

  • Applications:

    laboratory, control

  • Other characteristics:



The Vibratory sieve shaker Analysette 3 Spartan has been designed in way that it is able to carry out quantitative particle size analysis of several different kinds of suspensions and even solids. This will be done through the use of dry or wet sieving that is woven test sieves. The Vibratory sieve shaker Analysette 3 Spartan device can be converted into a micro mill of sorts for the need of fine comminution of laboratory samples that are dry or even solids that are in suspension. It can also be put to use for the homogenisation of emulsions or pastes even. The device is basically a shaking sieve system where an electromagnetic drive will cause vertical oscillation of the sieves.