fluid dispersion system / ultrasonic / for particule size analysis / small volume
max. 600 µm | Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing


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    for particule size analysis, small volume


This ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec is a small volume wet dispersion unit from Fritsch that allows an automatic dispersion of samples which are only available in a minimal quantity. It is also used for measurements of organic solvent with at least 50 ml of liquid for the entire measurement circuit. It reduces the disposal cost and delivers an environmental friendly operation. It has a wet, suspension volume with 50 ml, and has a radial pump dispersion mechanism with adjustable speed. Its works dispersion and measurement start, pump speed, valve opening, cleaning and analysis. It is usally used for water soluble prdocults, chermicals, food, and emulsions. It has a strong and easy-to-handle ultrasonic power of 100 Watt, and an ultrasonic bath. It has an automatic rinsing that delivers fast cleaning, and provides no dead space in the liquid circulation system