Fully digital inverter AC / DC TIG welder
3 - 500 A | MagicWave 5000 FRONIUS

The MagicWave 5000 is a fully digitally controlled TIG AC/DC power source with ActiveWave technology, and is characterised by the softest possible yet highly stable arc. It has an output of 500 A, is both light and robust and self-explanatory in operation. The power source can be used in many different fields: chemical, container, machine and plant construction, pipeline construction, automotive and tracked vehicle manufacturing, aerospace industry and shipbuilding, as well as by all types of installation, maintenance and repair companies.
At 500 A, the MagicWave 5000 is an extremely powerful and robust welding system. Ideal for use on construction sites, and equally suited to manufacturing. The power source welds aluminium and its alloys, low-alloy and high-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals.


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