motorized welding positioner / rotary / 1-axis / analog
FTT 10/40/150 series FRONIUS



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The FTT 10/40/150 is a tilting turntable manufactured by Fronius. It is characterized by its maximum load capacity ranging between 10 to 150 kg; diameter faceplate/thickness ranging between 240/10 mm to 450/16 mm; and working height ranging between 352 mm to 641 mm. It uses an AC motor drive and a DIN 6350 face plate holes.

Its key features include a stepless tilting range of +/- 90°; a constant speed control; a welding-current transfer of 400 A/50 mm²; a hollow shaft; an integrated unit switch function 360°; a face plate with concentric circular markings; a lifting facility for hook-in; and a protective cover. Additionally, its available accessories include a control unit FCU-10/FCU-20/FCU-50, a foot switch FRC-1/FRC-2/FRC-3, and a mounting set for the chucks.