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weather station weather station - WS/O


The weather station WS/O measures the parameters wind speed, precipitation (yes/no), brightness (east/south/west), temperature, humidity as well as twilight depending on the version. The measured values will be transformed in an analogue output signal and might be used for the control of external instruments and/or the acquisition of analogue measuring data. The brightness is detected by three independent photodiodes which are arranged in 90°-segments (east/south/west), each segment has his own output signal 0-10 V. They are linear to the brightness. To avoid condensation the weather station is equipped with an electrical controlled heater. In addition it has a serielle interface (RS 422/485) and a DCF77-receiver for time/date. The compact construction allows a simple and easy mounting. All exterior parts are stainless, made of high-quality synthetic material. The weather station combines perfectly the sensors for the 5 most important parameters, necessary for the control and monitoring in the field of building control technology, household technology, Venetian- and sun- blind regulation as well as green house control.

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