fixed extraction arm / flexible / dust / welding fume
PRB Fumex



  • Mobility:


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    dust, welding fume

  • Other characteristics:

    with hood, with external support arm

  • Length:

    5 m (16'04")


The ideal bodywork extractor

Developed for effective evacuation of welding fume, grinding dust and vapors when performing vehicle bodywork. New technology in combination with new materials and a focus on design gives Fumex PRB many new and important advantages:

Unique ease of manoeuvrability
High positional stability
360° movability
Easy to position below the vehicle body
Hood designed for maximum capture efficiency and extraction

PRB design is based on Fumex’s basic principles:

External arm supports
Natural and direct airflow means minimal pressure drop
Low risk of blockage
Supplied partially assembled for ease of installation