Falling ball viscometer
0.5 – 105 mPa·s | VISCO BALL Fungilab

The VISCO BALL viscometer with its special glass ball, provides accurate viscosity measurements of transparent Newtonian liquids and gases. For applications in research, processing and quality control departments. Complies with DIN 53015 and ISO 12058 standards, accepted as an official reference instrument. Provides unsurpassed accuracy when backed up by FUNGILAB´s precise temperature control.

Measuring Principle
the falling-ball viscometer VISCO BALL is based on the Höppler measurement system. It measures the time taken by a solid sphere to travel the reference distance through an inclined tube filled with the sample. A return constant may be established by turning the tube upside-down. The test results are given as dynamic viscosity in the internationally standardised absolute units of mill Pascal seconds (mPa·s).


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