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NOx reduction oxidizer / for VOC reduction
15 000 - 300 000 cfm | Pegasus series Fusion Environmental


  • Application:

    for VOC reduction, for NOx reduction


FEC's Pegasus Series of Rotary Concentrators are used in large air flow applications where continuous operation is required. The Pegasus Series utilizes our proprietary blend of zeolite adsorbents to achieve high removal efficiencies across a spectrum of organic contaminants. Our rotary concentrator systems are typically employed in larger airflow applications including, automotive paint applications, semiconductor manufacturing, coating applications, and printing press applications where flowrates can range from 15,000 cfm to as high as 300,000 cfm.

Features and Benefits

Low pressure drops to reduce power usage
Modular design allowing for expansion in the future
Lowest overall operating costs for large airflow applications
Small footprint
Minimal moving parts to minimize maintenance costs
Overall removal efficiencies of greater than 95 wt%


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