automatic soldering station
Rotary Index 100/120 Fusion Incorporated



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Rotary Index 100/120 has an operation station with PLC interface to make quick and easy part changes while providing machine diagnostics for quick troubleshooting. With powder coated heat manifolds and gas flow meter and manifold manometer to verify processes, it has an operator interface to adjust heat, air cooling and water cooling time. Needle valves are installed on all air and water cooling outlets and individual gascocks installed for each burner to allow individual flow adjustments or turn burners on. Rigidity is provided by stainless steel tubing and safety and process stability by guarding which shields air currents. Good visibility and easy maintenance are provided by polycarbonate windows and hinged guard doors. Color-coded pips deliver gas, air and water. It has an air dump valve with lockout for main air supply and hi/lo heat system for fuel conservation.