Dynamometer screwdriver
50 - 100 oz-in | TAT200 series FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

The FUTEK TAT200 reaction torque sensor is a miniature screw driver that offers an innovative solution to Torque auditing operations. Housed in anodized aluminum casing, it possesses a lightweight and portable design. This tool uses metal foil strain gauge technology and is compatible with Moody's Tool bits. It has an outside diameter of 0.61 and a weight of 1.5 oz. This torque sensor has an input and output resistance of 1000 ohms and a maximum capacity of 50 in/oz. It operates in temperatures reaching 160 degrees Fahrenheit measure up to 2.75 in. in length. The TAT200 reaction torque sensor can be used in the Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Manufacturing industry.


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