tension/compression load cell / rod end / strain gauge
LCB500 series FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.



  • Type:


  • Form:

    rod end

  • Other characteristics:

    strain gauge

  • Rated force:

    Min.: 444.8 N

    Max.: 22,240 N

  • Rated load:

    Min.: 100 lb (45.36 kg)

    Max.: 5,000 lb (2,267.96 kg)


FUTEK's LCB500 is a Tension and Compression Load Cell (can be used as a rod end load cell with mounting plates) for inline actuators or hydraulic jacks with male/female threads. The standard LCB500 model has male/female threads, is a welded unit and comes with a Bendix receptacle. The flexure is made from 17-4 PH stainless-steel making it highly durable and ideal for endurance testing. This model is well suited for both low range and high range capacity applications (100 lb – 5000 lb).

The LCB500 Load Cell Tension and Compression has high accuracy, excellent resistance to high extraneous loads, and high stiffness. It has a nonlinearity of ± 0.25% of RO, and deflection of 0.0010 in – 0.0020 in nominal. The standard LCB500 can be modified or customized to meet your requirements and most models are in our inventory, making them available for 24-hour shipping. Similar to our entire Load Cell product line, this model is manufactured in the USA, and uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

Product Highlights:
One piece construction
Low deflection
For use in both tension and compression
Low profile