tension/compression load cell / planar beam / aluminum construction / compact
LRF350 series FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.



  • Type:


  • Form:

    planar beam

  • Other characteristics:

    aluminum construction, compact, strain gauge

  • Rated force:

    890 N, 1,334 N, 2,224 N, 4,450 N

  • Rated load:

    200 lb, 300 lb, 500 lb, 1,000 lb (90.72 kg)


Product Description
FUTEK's LRF350 Low Profile Load Cell Tension and Compression offers a compact design for inline loading applications. With a height of only 1 in, the LRF350 is a great selection for tight spaces. The standard LRF350 has female/female threads and a red anodized, aluminum construction (200 lb – 1000 lb) making it is well suited for high capacity requirements

With all of its design features the LRF350 Low Profile Load Cell Tension and Compression has a high accuracy with a nonlinearity of ± 0.1%, a deflection of 0.002 in – 0.006 in nominal and an operating temperature of -60° F to 200° F. The LRF350 can be modified or customized to meet your requirements and most capacities are in our inventory, making them available for 24-hour shipping. Similar to our entire Load Cell product line, this model is manufactured in the USA and uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

Product Highlights:
Light weight
For use in both tension and compression
Low profile
Easy to integrate on flat loading surfaces
High accuracy

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