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CSG110 series FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.


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FUTEK’s newly improved CSG110 Strain Gauge Amplifier is an in-line instrument tooled for any full-bridge strain gauged sensor with a mV/V output. The CSG110 Amplifier provides a VDC and/or Current output via its built-in regulated bridge excitation source. With several models available, users are sure to find an amplifier matching their specific requirements. FUTEK even manufactures an OEM version (FSH01447, FSH01450) of this model. Unlike many amplifiers, FUTEK’s CSG110 provides the user with multiple output variations giving the user the option to adjust the output per their application’s requirements. The unit’s output options are: ±10 VDC at ±2 mV/V (factory default), or 4-20 mA with zero offset versions available. It is equipped with general purpose 35mm DIN rail amplifier module, DC powered, universal strain gauge signal conditioner.


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