quenching furnace / gas quenching / rotary retort / gas
SFQ G-M Enterprises



  • Function:

    quenching, gas quenching

  • Configuration:

    rotary retort

  • Heat source:


  • Atmosphere:



The Super Fast Quench Vacuum Furnaces (SFQ Series) are G-Ms high pressure quenching furnace. Like the 3QTM Series, the SFQ Series is equipped with a post cooler heat exchanger which provides lower gas temperature quenching than any other gas cooling system offered in the market place up to date.

The SFQ Series are available in horizontal front loading and vertical bottom loading configurations. The SFQ Series are available in various sizes with a wide choice of hot zone construction, larger pumping and gas cooling systems. The SFQ Series are available in high pressure quench capabilities up to 20 Bar Absolute.