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right-angle gear reducer / for chemical reactors / for mixers / vertical output shaft
Galbiati Group S.r.l.



  • Shaft orientation:


  • Other characteristics:

    for chemical reactors, for mixers, vertical output shaft

  • Power:

    Max.: 2,500 kW (3,399.05 hp)

    Min.: 250 kW (339.91 hp)


Special gear reducers for chemical reactors Galbiati Group has recently developed large-sized gear reducers for chemical reactors. These are special gear reducers powered by a 2500 kW main electric motor and a 250 kW auxiliary motor which control the vertical agitators of chemical reactors for the production of special, synthetic and biodegradable fibres. The production process of these fibres is such that the reaction material must always be kept moving to prevent it from solidifying. The gear reducers for chemical reactors concerned consist of a special mechanical system that instantly activates the auxiliary motor when the main one stops. The moment that the main motor stops (in the event also of a power failure), the auxiliary motor is automatically powered by an emergency diesel generator. The absolute efficiency of these special gear reducers is guaranteed by the oversized gears, bearings and forced lubrication circuit also designed to be much larger than usual. These gear reducers for chemical reactors weight about 19 tons each, inclusive of the electric welded supporting steel structure.

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